Places To Go

now, every time see your name start blinking on my celly
I can feel it in my blood and I can feel it my belly
it’s embedded in my soul, man, I get it in my bones
I’m running to the store, putting credit on the phone
so I can call her back and listen to her rags and
be like baby I’m just chilling here relaxing
we should get together, spend some quality time
I got to get back on the grind so I’m probably flying
back to Europe in a week or so
and when it’s all under two feet of snow
I really hope that we can keep it going (damn)
I really hope that we can keep it going
all the miles between us might just choke me like a sleeper hold
but we’ll be fine, I’m not the worrying kind
see I know you got your work and I’ll be buried in mine
but the minute that I finish I’ll be jumping a flight
cause I feel that there’s something so right, until then

I’ll do exactly what I always do
sit me down and play things cool
but I just can’t get this of my mind
I know, both got places to go
maybe we should keep things low
but I can’t just get this of my mind



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